About Me

It’s scary to think that I’ve been building websites for over fifteen years. Back when tables were used for presentation rather than data.  Before you could use @font-face to embed a font and tags were all laid out in uppercase.  Even scarier to think how far the web has come since that time.

I started freelancing in May 2010, since when I’ve worked with a wide range of business in many sectors.  I’ve worked with everyone from small businesses and fledgling startups to global brands like Google, Mastercard, Samsung andUniversal Music.  In 2015 I started my own development company Commit.  Commit specialises in using the latest technologies, techniques and methodologies to design, build and host websites, web apps and mobile applications that look great and provide great results.

Since July 2017 I’ve been working for Neo4j as a Field Engineer, helping companies across Europe to make sense of their connected data.

You can find me on twitter as @adamcowley or adam-cowley on Github.